FARO RALLY - Usefull information

Getting in the Faro Rally Site

To gain entry to the rally site and camping areas each person will be required to purchase both a wrist band and goodie bag from inscriptions (inscricoes)

At the time of writing, concessions on free entry has been made for children. However, this does not entitle children to such items as a wrist band and goodie bag which may contain such items as a rally badge, t-shirt, free gift, raffle tickets and more importantly in the case of children, vouchers for the set meals and drinks. However, rally badges, club memorabilia such as t-shirts etc, food and drink may be purchased on site. Despite this, I have known on occasions for the Moto Clube de Faro members to supply free set meals and drinks to children!

Also, on the outer perimeter of the main arena there is set aside a secure sheltered area from the sun with seating for the use of children and their guardians. The children and their guardians may use the free colouring books and pens too.

  Camping at the Faro Rally Site

You may camp 1 day before and 1 day after the dates of the rally. For the Faro Rally 2017 dates are from Tuesday 19th July 2017 to Sunday 23th July 2017 inclusive.  Please note that after 2pm Sunday 23th July 2017 all the amenities are usually no longer serviced.

Please note that it is illegal in Portugal to camp on a beach.

 Motoring Information

Traffic drives on the right hand side of the road, continental rules of the road apply and the international sign system are used. Unless there are signs to the contrary, traffic from the right has priority at squares, cross-roads and junctions. Vehicles on roundabouts travel anti clockwise, and have priority over waiting traffic. Should you become disorientated when travelling, the "pedestrian pavement" is always to be found on your right hand side!


The alcohol limit is 5ml per litre, dont ride if you've been drinking...

Crash Helmets & Trikes

Crash helmets must be worn at all times when riding a motorbike but it is your choice when riding a trike. However there are stories of people been stopped for NOT wearing a crash helmet whilst riding a trike. A triker from Dublin tells a amusing story where by he was riding his trike without a helmet when he was stopped. Confusion, to say the least, arose in the interpretation of the law and the officers were trying to imply that his "Trike" was in deed a "Tricycle" and therefore required him by law to wear a crash helmet. My advice to riders of Trikes would be to carry a spare helmet and wear it should the need arise to enable you to continue on your journey and at the same time humour the law!

Head Lights

Certain countries, like Spain and Portugal, do require you to ride a motorbike with dipped headlights on at all times, but most certainly when passing through a tunnel. A further legal requirement is that you also carry a full set of replacement vehicle light bulbs and one if not two "accident triangles". If you are a rider of an older motorbike, it may be wise to check that the headlight unit is not a sealed light beam unit but the type that houses a interchangeable light bulb unit. Also note that your headlight light beam must "Deflect" to the right hand side of the road and not to the left hand side of the road as required in the United Kingdom.


There is very little advance warning of pedestrian crossings, and pedestrians, rightly or wrongly, excercise their right of way at all times!

Many roads in Portugal have a solid central reservation single white line which may not be crossed at any time else you risk an on the spot cash fine . The Portuguese solid central reservation single white line is equivalent to the UK's solid central reservation double white lines. At times you may well see one or two broken lines and at this point you may cross the central reservation but only on the side of the solid line that has a broken white line.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are 50kph (31 mph) in towns and 90kph (55 mph) on other roads and 120 kph (74mph) on motorways. Breaking the speed limit and other traffic offences incurs an on the spot cash fine


You will be required to carry a form of identification such as a passport or picture driving licence and if applicable all legal vehicle documents such as driving licence both picture and paper, insurance, MOT and road tax. To assist in any matters requiring your legal documents it may be wise to carry a number of photo copies of your legal documents so that you may hand the copy details to any person(s) who may desire your details.

 Time Zones

When crossing different countrie(s) border(s) please remember that you may well experience a change in time zone(s).

Therefore do remember throuhtout your return journey from Faro to your journeys end that the time zone(s) may well change and to your peril you may well also discover that your important ferry crossing has sailed without you and your motorbike!

Portugal follow Britain in adopting Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in winter and moving the clocks forward one hour from March to September (as in British Summer Time). The 24 hour clock is more commonly used throughtout Portugal.

In the summer time Spanish time is different to both the British and Portuguese time by a futher one hour. So if it is 3pm in Portugal it is 4pm in Spain and Gibraltar.

  The Use of Telephones & Mobiles in Portugal

When you first switch your mobile on in Portugal you may well be greeted with a text message stating welcome to one of the Portuguese mobile telephone service providers. You can search for other mobile telephone service providers for use with your mobile.  The mains power sockets in Portugal are different to in the UK. Therefore should you wish to charge your mobile at any time, always take along a mobile phone car charger lead and find yourself a friendly car driver to assist you. This may well be the first and only time you welcome a car driver at a rally

Sun Exposure

The sun is HOT in Spain and Portugal, so unless you're used to these climats beware of sun exposure. The use of high factor protective lotions is highly advisable, as well as the ingestion of A LOT of liquids ( water when riding ). Sunburns are at the top of the list of the medics on the ground, so do protect yourself. Sleeping on the beach whithout a protective shade can ( and will ) ruin your w.e. This is particullary important if you're riding Spain and Portugal. Keep your clothes on and drink a lot of water or you'll be spending the w.e. on the jar...

Hotels, Campings

We still think you should stay at the camp, that's where the party is, but if some of you need to find a hotel or a camping, clik here for the xls Hotels file and here for the xls campings file.