Moto Clube Faro – 27th Bike Show

 Moto Clube Faro Bike Show aims to promote the creativity and the ingenuity in the transformation of bikes, as well as the quality in craftmanship, it is not meant to promote industrial production bikes.

It is not demanded that the bikes meet the legal requisites of the several countries for circulation in the public road, but all the motorbikes undergone to selection will have to work and be able to move by its own means. The bike show ground is off the public road and not only it will be possible as it will be demanded that the bike enters the exhibition in working order, as well as run to the main stage in case of prize. Excuses like lack of fuel or weak battery   will not be accepted. The organization is not responsible for the supply of fuel or ways to load batteries. 

The contestants are asked to maintain the bike in the show ground until the end of the exhibition. Not observation of this condition will lead to the immediate disqualification of the bike.

The selection of the bikes is done by elements of the organization in the show ground, in order to guarantee that the bikes join the spirit above and fit in the categories at contest.

The selectors decisions are definitive and is theirs only the responsibility of the admission or not of the bike in the exhibition.

In alternative, the contestants can get their bikes pre-selected, by sending pics of the bikes to the e-mail address supplied by the organization. This only grants the participation on the show, leaving the rest of the procedures to do on arrival to the show ground, as the category definition or the inscription on the show itself.

The inscription to the Bike Show is gratis, but the contestant must be inscripted in the main show, the motorcycle meeting.


2018-07-19: Pre-selection of bikes: from 2:00pm to midnight.

2018-07-20: Pre-selection of bikes: from 10:00am to midnight

2018-07-21: Selection of bikes: from 10:00am to 2:00pm

                         Opening to public: from 2:00pm to 7:00pm

                         Delivery of prizes: 9:30pm

                         Reopening after the delivery of prizes

                         Closes: 02:00 AM


The categories at contest are:

- Radical Custom

- Custom

- Chopper

- Streetfighter

- Rat

- Strange

- Oldschool

- Café Racer


Each one of these categories will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd classified, to witch correspond the prizes of 500,00, 350,00 and 250,00 Euros, respectively. All first prizes in all these 8 categories will also receive a voucher offered by the Official Sponsor, Zodiac International, which allows the winners to choose any items in Zodiac's catalogue, up to an amount of 500,00 Euros.

- Best Paint: The prize of best paint will be attributed to the best painting between all the categories, there is not a category for " Painting ". The prize is 500,00 Euros.

- Best Show Bike: The prize will be attributed to the best show bike between all categories. The prize is 1.500,0 Euros.
As in the main 8 categories, Zodiac also matches the prize value with a 1.500,00 Euros voucher.


The jury is constituted by elements of the specialized national and international press. In case of draws, they will be resolved by a jury of decision, called between the most knowing of the  Custom press. The jury's decisions are definitive and not subject to discussion. 

General considerations:

The organization demands of the contestants a courteous and respectful behavior towards other contestants, aggressive or offensive attitudes will lead to the immediate disqualification and removal from the show.


Thanks for the interest in collaborating with another MCF Bike Show, good luck!


To submit your bike or clear any doubts, click here.